Saturday, November 25, 2006

I'll probably post my write-up of Jason Lescalleet's astonishingly powerful "The Pilgrim" at Bags tomorrow, but anyone interested, don't wait. A great, great recording, immensely sad and moving (it's an homage to his father, who died from cancer last year).

Listening at the moment to Howard Skempton's "Well, Well, Cornelius" (Tilbury at the piano), much of the music also summoning up a certain, very moving kind of melancholy.

Recent Arrivals:

Mark Wastell - Amoungst English Men (absinth) - very different tack than usual for Mark, having something of a ritualistic air. For piano, tam tam and tubular bell.

Filament - Dark Room filled with Light - DVD of a video film by Yasunori Ikunishi, Yasunori Kakegawa and Tetsuya Nagato with two distinct soundtracks by Yoshihide and Sachiko M. Very interesting on first blush. See Robert Kilpatrick's fine review here

And three frlom the Greek label antifrost (thanks, Dimitris!)

AS II - Monotheism
Textu rizer - 7
Francisco Lopez/Ilios - Hysechasterion

Having much fun with the Rashomon collection....

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