Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just a short note--was very fortunate to catch an all-around fantastic set at Instants Chavirés this evening, with Bonnie Jones and Dafne Vicente-Sandoval. Hard to describe the effect, just riveting from start to finish (perfect length for the music too, about a half-hour), fairly active but with a palpable sense of space--sounds dumb to say but you had a very clear feeling of events occurring in a defined area, "three-dimensional" to use a dopey term. Very alive, put it that way. Jones, using pretty much the same equipment she has the couple of other times I've seen her perform, made one masterful choice after another; if she was responsible for the female voice that surfaced briefly...excellent. This was my first occasion to catch Vicente-Sandoval, who played various parts of a bassoon, direct-mic'd into a mixer (I think), creating a wonderful range of breath tones, whistles, moans--perfect foil for Jones' crackle. Really impressive.

It's the first concert of a tour, so I wanted to link to the schedule on Bonnie's page--if you're anywhere in the vicinity of these gigs, I'd strongly urge you to attend.

Jones/Vincente-Sandoval tour

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jesse said...

glad you caught this brian - bonnie and i have been discussing this duo performing in the crow series later this year, really hoping we can make it happen.