Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Three interesting items popped up yesterday:

Muta (Rhodri Davies, Alessandra Rombola/Ingar Zach) - Yesterday Night You Were Sleeping at My Place (Sofa) - a flute/harp/percussion trio that produces some surprisingly intense, loud music.

Annette Krebs/David Lacey/Keith Rowe/Paul Vogel - s/t (Homefront) - Excellent live set in Dublin from October, 2006.

James Saunders - #[unassigned] (Confront) - Two discs with 65 or 66 more or less 1-minute tracks, one disc for cello (Anton Lukoszevieze), one for clarinet (Andrew Sperling), designed to be played (if one wishes) simultaneously on two systems, not necessarily in sync, as presented or randomly shuffled. Pretty fascinating.


Richard Pinnell said...

I'll be interested to read your review of MUTA Brian. I've only heard it through the once but didn't enjoy it much. In places the depth of detail was very nice, sort of like looking into a pond and observing all the minutae floating about in layers, but all too often the ponds clouds over and you can't see/hear a thing.

Need to listen again. Have you heard Ingar Zach's solo on Kning Disk titled "In"? sort of inhabits a similar area here and there but obviously stripped back to th eone instrument.

Brian Olewnick said...

On first listen, I enjoyed track 1 very much, the loud intense piece. The shortest one (track 3?) I also liked a lot. The others I went back and forth on.

Yeah, I have "In" (reviewed it for Bags, I believe) and liked it very much.