Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So, Keith's "The Room" is available as of today. Very much looking forward, of course, to hearing the final version even having heard the "original" when Keith was here in March. I only experienced it one time and there were clearly multiple layers to sift through, but my impression was of a singularly deep work. One thing that struck me was how the first 10 or so minutes sounded very "Rowe-ian", very recognizable as his music and hence, in a way (not that it wasn't excellent), a little "eh". But then it blooms out into entirely different, surprising and amazing territory. Shoulda known better...As with his work in general, you have to be conscious of the whole thing, the entire structure, not just this or that segment.

Think I'll give Sergio a two-day headstart on this one, though, and not pick up a copy 'til Friday so I have more leisure time to listen over the holiday weekend.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the headstart, B. I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Gary Sisco said...

Hi, Brian. Got mine in yesterday's mail and gave it a couple of spins last night. I'd say it's my favorite Erstwhile release in recent times. A long way from Rowe's first solo record. I can hear the "dark" part but not the "claustrophobic." The opening part seems almost a "doom"ish kind of drone before opening up into wider realms.

I also like its brevity, being one who prefers something more like lp length than full-CD length, in many cases. The shorter length makes for focus and conciseness. There are few people who can consistently put out a great 80 minutes.

Good one.