Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I was thinking about Rolf Schulte today. On the way to work, I read a review in the Times of an Ursula Oppens performance (of works by Tobias Picker) and remembered Rolf. In the mid-90s, when we were still living on West 105th St., I used to run into this guy while walking Nanook, himself taking his Bijon (I think it was a Bijon) for a stroll. He was very pleasant to chat with, sporting a slight German accent; we'd run into each other for about a year. I think once he was carrying a violin case and mentioned that he was off to a concert. I asked who he was performing with and he responded, I'm sure expecting a look of incomprehension, "Ursula Oppens". "Hey," says I, "I know Oppens' work; in fact I've seen her play a few times, including when I was a student at Vassar. " He was plainly surprised. He says, "Cool. I play with her often and have recorded with her." "Hmmm, I have several recordings of hers. What's your name?" "Rolf Schulte." "Hey! I have at least a couple of records with you, how about that? In fact, I have this Rzewski/John Harbison split LP on Nonesuch from around '78 that you're on." He was pretty amazed.

Ah, only in NY.

Hey, Rolf!

Newly arrived listening:

Pablo Rega/Alfredo Costa Monteiro - Neumatica (Creative Sources)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro - Z=78 (pt:195.09) (audiobot)
Alfredo Costa Monteiro - Allotropie (Bourbaki)

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