Friday, December 11, 2009

So I'd been noticing these lists popping up in the last couple of weeks--top ten movies of the decade. Hadn't really thought about it in those terms but, what the hell, here are my favorite films released between 2000 and now, more than ten. By no stretch is this exhaustive, merely my favorites out of what I've happened to see.

My single favorite:

Habla con Ella (Talk to Her) - Almodovar

The five I enjoyed almost as much:

Cache - Haneke
Il y a Longtemps Que Je t'Aime - Philippe Claudel
Mulholland Dr. - Lynch
Saraband - Bergman
Werkmeister Harmonies - Tarr

Others I liked a great deal:

The Aristocrats - Paul Provenza
The Boy Who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan - Phil Grabsky
The Diving Bell and The Butterfly - Schnabel
Fa Yeung Nin Wa (In the Mood for Love) - Wong Kar Wei
Inland Empire - Lynch
Kill Bill, vols. 1 & 2 - Tarantino
Lost in Translation - Coppola
Un Secret - Claude Miller
Sexy Beast - Jonathan Glazer
Spirited Away - Miyazaki
Ying Xiong (Hero) - Yimou Zhang

honorable mentions:

Sin City - Rodriguez.
Funny Games (the US remake) - Haneke


Anonymous said...

Heh... that'd be "Funny Games"

Brian Olewnick said...

D'oh! What I get for rushing it off at work. t'anks....

Richard Pinnell said...

Wow, I've seen about twenty films over the last decade and two of them are on your list! I must have such good taste in these things ;(

Anonymous said...

I work with Seventh Art Productions, the company who made the film The Boy who Plays on the Buddhas of Bamiyan. We are delighted that you have classed this film as one of your favourite films. We also would like to let you know that the Director, Phil Grabsky is currently in production with a follow up to this film entitled, The Boy Mir. You can view details of this film along with a trailer at The film will be complete in 2011. It would be great if you could spread the word about the film! If you would like to be kept up to date with information on the film, then just sign up to our newsletter.

Brian Olewnick said...

Thanks for the head-up! I'll certainly be anticipating it.

DCJ said...

I really liked In the Mood for Love. But I think my favorite movie of the 00s that I saw was probably Ang Lee's Lust, Caution.

Brian Olewnick said...

Hi David, Lust, Caution is in my queue (with about 420 others) so one of these decades I should get around to it...currently at home, "Lifeboat".