Sunday, October 04, 2009

OK, so in the course of sifting through ancient drawings and scanning some of same, I came across a bunch done while working at Environ (and a handful at other loft venues from around the same time). Figured they were worth posting here (and on fb). These would have been done between Oct. '76 and early 1980. I think there are more around I haven't unearthed yet. Lots of these are done on the back of concert fliers, in fact.

A couple quick sketches of Abdul Wadud to start:

On one or two occasions we had blues musicians up to the loft. I'm pretty sure Son House was there--would love to confirm that. But I clearly remember the Sunday afternoon we hosted Bob Gaddy and Sweet Papa Stovepipe.

Charles Tyler was often at hand, great guy and, as I posted yesterday, he wanted to use one of my drawings of him--one of those I can't yet find--as a cover for a solo album which, afaik, was never recorded. Here's another:

Some of the AACM school. Brings back strong memories of Muhal, often around, always up for a good conversation. Great man. Hopkins, Jenkins, Hemphill, all gone now.

(Fred Hopkins' bass)

(Leroy Jenkins' violin and set-up)

(Julius Hemphill)

Naturally, I also sketched the environs of Environ; here are a handful:

More when/if I run across them.

[Not sure why these images come out huge when clicked on...maybe someone with more knowledge on scanning intricacies can clue me in.)

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Captain Hate said...

I like all of them but particularly the Hemphill. Once I attended a workshop that the World Saxophone Quartet put on at Oberlin; Lake was the most outgoingly friendly, Bluiett looked like he didn't want to be bothered, Murray was fine, but Julius was reeking of vodka in the afternoon and from out of nowhere, played the most mournful blues I've ever heard from a soprano sax while sitting on a stool.

Nice to read that Tyler was a nice guy; I don't think he ever received enough acclaim for what he did