Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pretty big change and change of address

So, without going into unnecessary personal detail, I am now in Paris and will likely be here for the next 1 /2 to 2 years, at least.

An immediate impact is that you kind souls who send me CDs and vinyl to review will have to up date your address books.

The new address is:

Brian Olewnick
3 Rue Henri Dubouillon
75020 Paris, France

I'm sure, unfortunately, that there will be some items delivered to Jersey City that I'll never see. Apologies for those--feel free to get in touch ( to see if that's the case and hopefully we can arrange a resending.

Looking forward to some face-to-face time with my European friends...heading out this evening with Jacques Oger to see the Ames Room!

thanks, take care


1 comment:

Massimo Ricci said...

If you ever manage to come down to Rome, a cappuccino break will be a pleasure, Brian.