Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Back from a pleasant week in France. Linda and I first trained to Nantes to stay chez Rowe in Vallet for a couple of evenings. Met by keith and, a nice surprise, Will Guthrie at the station. Will (an Australian living in Nantes the last few years) has been producing some of the best music I've encountered recently (check out his "Spear" and his wonderful duo with Ferran Fages, "cinabri" on Absurd. I'm highly anticipating his upcoming release on Richard Pinnell's new imprint, "Cathnor" as well); great to finally meet him. Rowe's converted cellier (? I think I have the term correct) in the midst of a Muscadet vineyard, is a beautiful place, he and his wife Stephanie the most gracious of hosts.

Then back to Paris for five days, doing the standard museum hops, multi-kilometres of trudging (legs still a bit sore), ingesting of local foodstuffs, withering away in the heat. Very appreciative of the beach chairs along the Seine esplanade; great place to snooze, read, ogle the locals, etc. Such accommodations would probably last less than an hour around NYC....

Back to face about nine discs received during my absence:

3 CDRs from Asher Thal-Nir (very nice on first listen)
2 from the Australian label Room40 (Greg Davis/Jeph Jerman & Lloyd Bennett)
3 from For4Ears (Muller/Yoshida/Okura, Muller/Moslang and Moslang solo)
1 from OgreOgress, "For Feldman", a DVD audio disc.

*sigh*...it never ends!


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