Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Music I really liked in 2014

OK, I was going to wait until I'd given at least a listen or two to everything that found its way to my doorstep in the calendar year 2014 but a combination of an ill-timed (as far as this stuff goes) US vacation and an utter deluge of items received (for which I deeply thank the senders) meant that were I to do so, this list would appear among the summer beach reading recommendations. So any worthy contenders that are still sitting here on my desk will just have to wait until the 2015 results are in, sorry.

Here are the recordings that I absolutely loved hearing and thinking about in 2014 (alpha order)

Lawrence Crane - Chamber Works (Another Timbre)
Delicate Sen - Four years later (since. why not) (Copy for Your Records)
Michael Duch - Tomba Emmanuelle (Sofa)
Morton Feldman - For Philip Guston (John Tilbury, Carla Rees, Simon Allen) (Atopos)
Morton Feldman - Two Pianos and other pieces (Another Timbre)
Anne Guthrie - Codiaeum variegatum (Students of Decay)
Haptic - Abeyance (Entr'acte)
Radu Malfatti/Jürg Frey - II (Erstwhile)
Andrew McIntosh - Hyenas in the Temple of Pleasure (Populist)
Michael Pisaro/Greg Stuart - Continuum Unbound (Gravity Wave)
Michael Pisaro/Miguel Prado - White Metal (Senufo Editions)
Eliane Radigue - Naldjorlak I, II, III (Charles Curtis, Carol Robinson, Bruno Martinez) (Shiiin)
Vanessa Rossetto - Whole Stories (Kye)
Toshiya Tsunoda/Manfred Werder - detour (Erstwhile)
Christian Wolff - Pianist: Pieces (Philip Thomas) (Sub Rosa)

Singling out any one, even any three or four, is a fool's errand; gun to head, maybe "detour". All are wonderful.

And, as ever, there were plenty more from which I derived immense joy and inspiration, including (again alpha)

Ryoko Akama - Code of Silence (Melange Edition)
Tetuzi Akiyama/Anla Courtis - Naranja Songs (Public Eyesore)
Thomas Ankersmit - Figueroa Terrace (Touch)
Ignacio Agrimbau - Anatomy of Self, vol. 2 (Decay, Corrosion and Dust)
Bayaka Pygmies - Song from the Forest (Gruenrekorder)
Marc Baron - Hidden Tapes (Potlatch)
Antoine Beuger - Tshirtner Tunings for 12 (Another Timbre)
Rasmus Borg/Henrik Munkeby Norstebo - 120112 (Edition Wandelweiser)
Seth Cluett - Wound of This Deep Blue (Notice Recordings)
Jacques Coursil/Alan Silva - FreeJazzArt (RogueArt)
Kevin Drumm/Jason Lescalleet - The Abyss (Erstwhile)
Jürg Frey - more or less (a.pe.ri.od.ic ensemble) (New Focus Recordings)
Jürg Frey - pianist, alone (Andy Lee) (Irritable Hedgehog)
Jan-Luc Guionnet/Eric La Casa - Home:Handover (Potlatch)
Jack Harris/Samuel Rodgers - Primary/Unit 11 (Notice Recordings)
Takahiro Kawaguchi/Tim Olive/Makoto Oshiro - Airs (845 Audio)
Gregg Kelley/Jason Lescaleet - Conversations (Glistening Examples)
Tomas Korber - Musik für ein Feld (Cubus)
Annette Krebs - rush! (Another Timbre) (her portion of the split disc)
Catherine Lamb - matter/moving (winds measure)
Makoto Oshiro - Phenomenal World (Hitorri)
Partial - LL (Another Timbre)
Polwechsel - Traces of Wood (hatOLOGY)
Ernesto Rodrigues/Radu Malfatti/Ricardo Guerreiro - Early Summer (Creative Sources)
Keith Rowe - The Art of War (Hermes' Ear)
Keith Rowe/Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart - Tri (Intonema)
Craig Shepard - On Foot: Brooklyn (Edition Wandelweiser)
Danae Stefanou - [herewith] (Holotype Editions)
(Various) - West Coast Soundings - (Edition Wandelweiser)

There was, of course, much more fine work, but I gotta stop somewhere. Deep and sincere thanks, once again, for those who take the trouble to allow me to listen to their work.


Simon Reynell said...

minor correction, Brian: Antoine Beuger's 'tschirtner tunings for 12' is on AT, not Edition Wandelweiser

good list though as far as I can tell (not having heard at least 50% of them!)

Brian Olewnick said...

Corrected, thanks!

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