Saturday, November 24, 2012

Patrick Farmer has published a book of words, "try i bark".

I can't begin to say anything about it, really, as my experience of contemporary word/poetry/letter placement is almost nil. I can say that I enjoyed reading it in approximately the same manner that I enjoy Farmer's sound work, which is to say, quite a bit.

But as difficult as it is to attempt to convey what goes on, much less evaluate, the activity in that music, it's far more so, for me, to do anything of the sort here.

So, take a look.

Compost and Height

(I tried to put extra space between "i" and "bark" above, something I sense is important, but this format doesn't allow it)


Richard Pinnell said...

try  i bark

Richard Pinnell said...

Brian, for future reference, put the following in where you want the extra space, but remove the gap between the '&' and 'nbsp;' -

& nbsp;