Thursday, June 28, 2007

fwiw, my write-up of MIMEO's "Sight" was posted at Bagatellen this afternoon. Hoping it (the disc, not the write-up) generates some discussion. Richly deserved.

Finished McCarthy's "The Road" yesterday. Enjoyed it (if that's the appropriate term) though not as smitten as many. For all the bleakness of the imagery, I never quite feel that his language is at the harsh, unpitying level it needs to be. There should be more Beckett in there, somehow.

Began John Lanchester's "The Debt to Pleasure".

btw, thanks to all the folk (dozens!) who flocked here via links from sites covering the Vision Fest. Feel free to stick around.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you about The Road Brian, though I think its the best McCarthy in years. I much prefer his much more descriptive, even florid, prose from Blood Meridian (which I think is genuinely a masterwork). I think that his move to the spare, stripped down prose was partly for effect and perhaps in part to rely more on the reader's imagination. I also didn't quite like the ending, it seemed a bit against his objective

spoilers ahoy
I think that after his father died the most powerful ending would have been to end with that section where he just remained with the body, unable to continue on. Continuing on his own I think would be the next best, with the hopelessness of the endeavor that that would imply.