Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Look here. This delightful package fell into my lap a little while ago courtesy of Nicolas Malevitis at absurd records. There will be a review up at Bags in short order, but I wanted to mention it here as well since it's such a wonderful, unique item. Essentially, it's an hour's extract from the birthday party of one Amaryllis, who turned 2 in November or 2005. The party was held in a tiny village in northern Greece called Iasmos, and the Barcelonan musician Didac Lagarriga was on hand to entertain the crowd with a small truckload of instruments. He plays mbira, balaphon, cello, guitar, chimes, laptop etc. but the music, as recorded, is on an equal level with the sounds of the party. So you're just as apt to hear little kids chortling and crying, tipsy moms singing and scolding, dishes clattering, etc. as you are to hear the odd patch of rhythmic melody. It's a lovely, unhurried, unpretentious disc that almost no one will ever get to hear. It's out on Lalia records which, apprently, was formed for the sole purpose of issuing this one recording. They have no distribution but will, I think, wing one your way if you contact them at: . It's worth it.

[edit] I'm informed me that ErstDist should be in possession of copies soon.

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