Thursday, June 12, 2008

I used to talk about the new eating. One time Terry Riley said, "Yeah, even the cooks'll get rebellious. We'll walk into a hamburger stand and order something to eat. In a few minutes the cook'll give us some salt. Just salt. Then one of us will say, 'What? Is this all?' And the cook'll answer, 'Whatsamatter, dontcha like static eating?'"

- La Monte Young,
Tulane Drama Review
Winter 1965


mbullock said...

Brian - we met at the Lescalleet/Lambkin/nmperign/Meehan show at Issue Project Room. I was going to put a couple of your family members on my mailing list for Albany-area music events, I think? If you're still interested drop me a line - you can just respond to this post. Thanks! Mike Bullock

Brian Olewnick said...

Yeah, I sent a mail your way but maybe it never made it far from my pc, you never know. I'll try again, thanks!