Thursday, June 05, 2008

New CD player in place today (NAD C515BEE).

Had to initiate it properly, natch. Damn, does this sound great. Hadn't put it on in a while; will likely spoil me for listening to anything else for the next few days.

Sooooo good.


Anonymous said...

What's the album pictured?

Anonymous said...

duos for doris, tony

and brian, you should put the new IHM Comp on that new CD player

jesse said...

Duos For Doris, Keith Rowe & John Tilbury, on Erstwhile.
Do yourself a favor, pick it up, limit the distractions, and listen!

Captain Hate said...

Out of curiosity, was the new player a replacement because the old one stopped working or a planned upgrade?

Brian Olewnick said...

I'd had, for about 10 years, an NAD L-40 combo CD player/Amp/Receiver. The CD portion began acting up recently, sometimes refusing to read a disc, sometimes beginning to play it only to crap out a couple minutes in, eventually making a series of disturbing, crunching sounds ("How could you tell if it was the CD player or your music?" Linda wise-assedly inquired).

Since the amp is still fine, I just got the CD player and connected it to the tape input.

The remote I had with the L40 had long since expired and I was happy to have a new one as doing simple things like pausing a track--especially when writing something about it-- necessitated dragging my bones across the room to the console. So I was a bit annoyed when I tested the new one to find that, while it indeed pauses the disc, it interacts with the L-40 as well, the latter "taking over", so when I press 'Play', I get a "no disc" response since, in fact, no disc resides in the L-40.

The new one also plays immediately upon insertion and has no variable display options. So, for example, when I get one of those arty discs with no info on the sleeve, place it in the tray and find it to be particularly wretched, I've no way of cycling through display options to see how many more minutes of aural agony still remain to be undergone. ;-)

Robert K__ said...

Always a great listen. That was one of the first things I played when I got my new stereo as well, which was quite the upgrade for me, and it definitely blew me away again.

If the remote for your CD player is being picked up by your receiver, and you don't have a remote for the receiver you could just put a piece of opaque tape over the infrared eye on the receiver.