Saturday, September 01, 2007

New listening:

Graham Stephenson/Dave Barnes - s/t (no label)
Jin Sangtae/Park Seungjun - 5 Modules IV (Manual)
Ferran Fages - Cançons per a un Lent Retard (Etude)

All three sound quite well on first blush.

Read McEwan's "On Chesil Beach". Interesting, short novel. Sort of taking a serious story about a relationship as it may have been generally described in a contemporary work (1961) but adding levels of honesty that have only become "possible" in years since. Makes for an intriguing disjunctive feel throughout.

Rereading Cage's "Silence". Also Shusaku Endo's collection, "Stained Glass Elegies" where he, as seems to be his wont, writes stories delicately balancing attitude and beliefs of Japanese Christians against "non-believers". Also finishing up "The Island at the Center of the World", by Russell Shorto, a history of Manhattan that seeks to restore the profound Dutch influence on the area (and subsequent republic) at the expense of the dastardly English.

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