Wednesday, August 29, 2007

So a little while back, an obscure gentleman going by the nom de web of Arbogast posted a comment here. Intrigued as I always am by a new presence, I followed his linkage to the very enjoyable blog, Arbogast on Film, which you can see listed there on the right. Check it out, it's quite good.

My immediate though was that it was actually the work of my friend, the noted playwright and all-around cuss Richard Harland Smith, who comments here occasionally. I mean, all the telltale signs were there: Mario Bava obsession, vampiric arcana, caustic, dismissive wit, absurdly detailed knowledge of cinematic ephemera. He claimed otherwise, insisting his blogging was confined to Movie Morlocks. I remain suspicious, however, though I'm told that everyone and his brother are posting about Lee Marvin today as have those "two". Then I see a link from Smith to Arbogast's site....Hmmm...

Advance 2nd birthday greetings to Richard's (and Barbara's) lovely daughter Vayda!

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Richard Harland Smith said...

Ha ha... kept you hanging quite a while there, didn't I?!