Friday, September 07, 2007

I know everyone's breathless awaiting more Braxtonia. I'm workin' on it! Just too much other stuff to do, listen to, watch. And, admittedly, my interest palls a bit in the early 80s period, but more on that later.


Miguel Prado - Mascara de Sangre (Ozonokids)
Tim Feeney/Vic Rawlings - In Six Parts (Sedimental)
Brendan Murray/Seth Nihil - Sillage (Sedimental)


John Cage - Atlas Eclipticalis with Winter Music (Mode)
Shostakovich - The String Quartets (Emerson) (Deutsche Grammophone)


Richard Pinnell said...

Aha, The Shosta quartets...

Is this your first hearing of them Brian or do you have other recordings? The 14th and 15th have become amongst my favourite music full stop. The 15th my soundtrack to going to sleep nearly every night over the last few months.

I've not heard the Emerson versions, though they have been recommended to me. The Borodin Quartet recordings on Melodiya are by some way my favourite, and I've heard five or six recordings now. I'd be interested to hear your take on the Emersons.

As for Braxton, knowing my taste, is there one album you can recommend me?

Brian Olewnick said...

Richard, I have the 10th through 15th String quartets by the Shostakovitch quartet on Olympia. I know the general opinion on the Borodin (including Keith's) but I haven't come across it when the thought of purchasing it enters my head in the store. Happened on the Emerson set while browsing the Shosta section yesterday. Agreed on the last two quartets as being amazing.

Actually, it was your recent post on the symphonies that reminded me to so browse, so thanks! I've had a copy of the 5th for a long time but had never gotten around to investigating all of them, another project.

Tough to definitively recommend a Braxton for you. Maybe one of the early BYGs like "This Time" or the solo "For Alto". The latter contains one track that's not leagues different than some contemporary saxists who abut eai, though there's certainly a bunch of free wailing (very well done) also.

I would, a bit off the subject, recommend Rosecoe Mitchell's "Congliptious" if you can find it. If Will's reading, I sure he would too.

joseghast said...

Hey Brian! A little surprised seeing Miguel Prado's work at the top of your incoming list. I hope you like his disk, it's a good one. He's a friend of mine and I recorded it, so I'm very biased.

Anyway, glad to see you're interested in it.

Alastair said...

Richard, I can help you with "For Alto"...