Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just watched Bergman's last film, "Saraband" (very, very beautiful) and wanted to say that there's not an actor around (still around, thankfully) I'd rather watch than Erland Josephson. Ridiculously great.


Anonymous said...

wow, he's still alive! amazing. He is absolutely fantastic, I agree.

Ed Howard said...

Saraband was a lovely way for Bergman to go out, bringing back some familiar characters with some of his favorite actors. There's a very comfortable feel to the whole affair, as though the film itself is nostalgic for past Bergman films.

Brian Olewnick said...

Still, though, I loved how he didn't allow for easy resolutions. Every time you'd begin to feel comfortable with a character, they'd reveal some very disquieting aspect of their personality. One feels deeply for each of the four persons (also, I have to say, for Martha seen briefly at the end) but you're pulled up short at their "flaws" for which there are no easy solutions. Karin, put in an impossible situation, might be the least compromised at the moment, but clearly this episode will have major ramifications for the rest of her life.

Enormous honesty in the depiction of the psyches and relationships. All four (even five!) actors were incredible here.