Saturday, December 31, 2016

Favorite releases of 2016, allowing that I've heard far fewer this year than in years past. Thanks, as ever, to all the musicians and labels involved.

Keith Rowe – The Room Extended (Erstwhile)

75 Dollar Bill – Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock (Thin Wrist Recordings)
Ryoko Akama – Acceptance (Suppedaneum)
AMM – Spanish Fighters (Matchless)
Casey Anderson - Radios (A Wave Press)
Marc Baron – Un Salon Au Fond d’Un Lac (Potlatch)
Pascal Battus – Dafne Vicente-Sandoval – s/t (Potlatch)
Olivia Block – Dissolution (Glistening Examples)
Dante Boon – For Clarinet and Piano (Another Timbre)
Anthony Burr/Anthony Pateras – The Long Exhale (Immediata)
Lucio Capece – Awareness About (Another Timbre)
Scott Cazan – Ingress (A Wave Press)
D’Incise/Cristían Alvear – Appalachian Anatolia (Another Timbre)
Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Michael Duch/Lina Lapelyte/John Lely/John Tilbury – Goldsmiths (Another Timbre)
Angharad Davies/Tisha Mukarji – Ffansïon (Another Timbre)
Costis Drygianakis - Wings of Wind (Granny)
Bryan Eubanks/Hong Chulki – Proper Motions (Celadon)
Morgan Evans-Weiler – Endless Overtones in Relational Space (Suppedaneum)
Morton Feldman/The Smith Quartet/John Tilbury – Music for Piano and Strings, Volume 3 (Matchless)
Jürg Frey/Quotuor Bozzini – String Quartet No. 3/Unhöbare Zeit (Edition Wandelweiser)
Jürg Frey/Cristían Alvear – Guitarist, Alone (Another Timbre/Cathnor)
Jean-Luc Guionnet /Dedalus – Distances Ouïes Dites (Potlatch)
Sarah Hennies - Gather & Release (category of manifestation)
Sarah Hennies/Cristían Alvear – Orienting Response (mappa)
Illogical Harmonies – Volume (Another Timbre)
A.F. Jones – Languor Yields (Rhizome.s)
Beat Keller/Tom Johnson/Joseph Kudirka – String Trios (Edition Wandelweiser)
Graham Lambkin – Community (ErstSolo)
Lance Austin Olsen – Maps, Battle Hymns: The Vast Field of Liberation (Suppedaneum)
Michael Pisaro/Cristían Alvear/d’Incise/Lo Wie/Angharad Davies/Manfred Werder – 3+3=3 (Melange Edition)
Michael Pisaro/Radu Malfatti – Invisible Landscapes (Willow St. Recordings)
Michael Pisaro/Reinier Van Houdt – The Earth and the Sky (ErstClass)
Michael Pisaro/Christian Wolff - Looking around (Erstwhile)
Matthew Revert/Vanessa Rossetto – Earnest Rubbish (Erstwhile)
Keith Rowe/Martin Küchen – The Bakery (Mikroton)
Marcus Schmickler/John Tilbury – Timekeepers (A-Musik)
Linda Caitlin Smith – Dirt Road (Another Timbre)
Linda Caitlin Smith/Eve Ehoyan – Thought and Desire (Maria de Alvear World Edition)
Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble – s/t (Meenna)
Marvin Tate/Joseph Clayton Mills – The Process (Every Contact Leaves a Trace)
Toshiya Tsunoda – Somashikiba (edition.t)
Taku Unami/Devin DiSanto – s/t (ErstLive)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for still making these. Even though you might find it tedious it's good way people like me can find stuff they missed.

Peter said...

keep posting. been quite a while.
check out my techno blog