Saturday, January 12, 2008

I knew this would happen.

That is, recordings (graciously) still coming my way despite the sabbatical announcement, tempting me into the wilderness of reviewing....But I remain steadfast--sorta--and will only post a sentence or two here, a capsule reaction, nothing more.


Nerve Net Noise - Dark Garden (Intransitive) - I don't particularly get it; looped bleeps and other often aggravating noises arrayed to no great effect. Couple OK tracks, but doesn't grab me.

Howard Stelzer - Bond Inlets (Intransitive) (pictured above) Excellent reworking of some material from 10 years past, rich, immersive piece with drama and detail aplenty. Hear this.

Lionel Marchetti/Seijiro Murayama - Hatali Atsalei (Intransitive) Interesting, ritualistic work combining field recordings with chanting, etc.

Julien Skrobek - Le Palais Transparent (Free Software) (My anagram sensors stood straight up when I saw this, especially given the ear match of the following disc's title; googlng only nets four matches. Anyone know for certain if this is an actual person?)

Mattin - Broken Subject (Free Software)
Pretty harsh noise interspersed with lengthy silences. Ends loopily (fun). Not bad all. No words!!!

Kevin Parks/Joe Foster - Ipsi Sibi Somnia Fingunt (no label) Fantastic release from, I guess, late last year. Granular, quietly roaring, hugely get the picture. Never heard Parks before and have only heard Joe in limited doses but this is my favorite thing yet from him. Get it! I imagine you can order direct from Joe--here's his site anyway.

Recent reading:

Orientalism - Edward Said
If on a winter's night a traveler - Italo Calvino
Seven Japanese Tales - Junichiro Tanizaki


Jon Abbey said...

I have the Parks/Foster in stock at ErstDist, agree that it's quite good.

what's the Skrobek an anagram for? someone under that name posted on Bags recently in the Mattin discussion.

Jon Abbey said...

not Tomas Korber?

Robert K__ said...

Well I'm glad to see you are still listening to new music Brian, I was afraid you were lost amongst the stacks :) Anyway, I like see even these short thoughts from you, so you hope you continue to post em now and again.

Brian Olewnick said...

Not saying it is an anagram, just smells of one. I saw the Bags posts but who knows when it comes to screen names. Kinda weird for a musician to get only four google hits but maybe so.

Richard Pinnell said...

I wondered about Skrobek being a pseudonym too Brian, especially when it turned up in the same envelope as the Mattin disc...

I think its just that the Free Software Series is Mattin's label though and Skrobek is a real person.

Good record though