Monday, July 28, 2008

The single best thing about reunions has to be when people you remember as being lovely, bright and interesting decades ago turn out to still be lovely, bright and interesting.

I attended a high school reunion this past Saturday, the 36th year after our '72 graduation. We'd had only one previously, the 20th in '92. My brother Glen's class ('74) holds one every five years and this year decided to do a 3-fer, with the classes from '72-'74. There were people I'd seen reasonably often over the last few years but not often enough (hi, Joy!), others I'd been in touch with but hadn't seen in ages (great to see you, Corky & Jodé!) and others who's presence was a wonderful surprise like Anne Schwartz and her husband Dan Levitan (who, btw, is a composer, specializing in works for percussion and keyboard and who studied with, among others, Henry Brant). Great to see Carol, who had extreme trepidations about going, enjoying herself so thoroughly, the belle of the ball!

Mucho fun, very nostalgic. Hope it happens more often in the future.


Alastair said...


Brian Olewnick said...

Yeah, well, his given name is Clausen. Whence Corky, I'm not sure, but for a wee tyke, Clausen might have been a bit much.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian, How are you?
you have recibed my recordfrom Free Software Series? I hope so. A big hug from Galicia

All The Best

Brian Olewnick said...

Hi Miguel, yes I did. I'm somewhat backed up with a ton of new things (including a passel of another timbres), but rest assured I'll say something about it relatively soon.

Galicia is incredibly enticing, hope we get there soon, or at least to Asturias.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad, do not worry, for review. This is a work in progress and I am in the first steps ... the best hope this to come. Account with our help, do pose a visit to Galicia, and this winter we are preparing a series of concerts that I think you will like it.

all the best