Sunday, February 18, 2007

This is the only Ashley recording I have on vinyl; had it since about '82 I think. Still one of my all-time favorite album titles. Sounds pretty great today, I must say. Jill Kroesen's vocals are wonderful--bored, sarcastic, yearning, erotic all at the same time.

"I love to you like a dot dot dot symphony."

Might be the best Van Tieghem I've heard--his steady beat doesn't get as plodding here as it often does elsewhere. And Tyranny's in top form.

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Herb Levy said...

I used this disk, and the one-off version of the Bar from Perfect Lives too, a lot back in my radio days. Consequently, both LPs are so beat up that I can barely listen to them now. Maybe someday Lovely will re-issue them on a CD.

& Now that you remind me of these recordings, I remember the video remix of Perfect Lives images for the videos of Music Word Fire ..., which would have been great extras for the Perfect Lives DVD re-issue, but hey.

Oh, well.