Wednesday, October 31, 2007

If I've done things correctly, you'll be seeing a word verification requirement for posting comments here as of now. Hate to do it but I've been getting a rash of spam "comments" lately and it's a royal pain to go in and delete each one.

Hope this doesn't impede insightful (and otherwise) contributions from you all.


Richard Pinnell said...

Miaxwlji! Thjirt skwirr njolqi toffhds.... rrmclsu!

Brian Olewnick said...

That's more like it.

btw, I'm working on write-ups of tghe hibari and skiti releases for Bags and I'm planning to link to your recent post on your own blog, which I thought was excellent.

Alastair said...

If nothing else it might suggest new acronyms for taomud.

Anonymous said...

Deep, Turkish cyber-massage given while listening to your choice of eai or whatever floats your boat.
send co-ordinates to:

(hi, Brian!)