Sunday, October 14, 2007

I received five pretty interesting things from Hibari and Skiti the other day.

Noid - "you're not here"
Toshiya Tsunoda - Low Frequency Observed at Maguchi Bay
Taku Unami - Sound Track
Taku Unami - Malignitat
Taku Sugimoto - Doremilogy

With the exception of the Unami soundtrack, they all pretty much fall into what might be called the conceptual end of eai. Noid's is largely room atmospherics, Tsunoda alternates four field recordings with highly filtered (virtually silent) versions of the same pieces, Unami (on the wonderfully titled "Malignitat") crudely juxtaposes three (I think) sound sources, over and over and Sugimoto, after a lengthy piece which I think is a single amp hum (or its equivalent) offers to pieces for three guitars where, as the title would indicate, simple C-major scales are played.

Only one listen, but I had favorable impressions of all by "Malignitat". The subject of this sort of enterprise has been broached at IHM a bit (looked upon unfavorably by many) and I know Jon has some issues with the general direction. Ultimately, dunno, but at least a large part of me is pleased that these kind of directions are being explored. More later on after further hearing.

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