Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just a brief note as I'm writing it up for Squidco, but this is one of my favorite releases of the year. Stefano Scodanibbio leads and performs five pieces: Concert for Piano and Orchestra, Freeman Etudes n 1-5, Dream (an astonishingly beautiful piece I don't think I'd heard before), Ryoanji and a super strong performance of Radio Music. Check it out.


Jesse said...

Listening to this now, first spin. No comment on the music yet, but, man, Wergo discs are spendy.
Looking forward to the Freeman Etudes, long on my list of Cage pieces to hear.

Caleb Deupree said...

Thanks for the recommendation, one of the best Concert performances I've heard (not a terribly large field, unfortunately). Dream is indeed lovely, one of the two pieces Cage wrote in this style (the other is In A Landscape). There's a version of Dream by Karen Phillips for viola with viola ensemble that I'd like to hear one day. Great Ryoanji too.