Friday, July 17, 2009

I have only three more "F" LPs, so I wanted to get them out of the way!

Jeff Fuccillo's "Disturbed Strings" is actually a recent one, from 2004, and I previously reviewed it at Bags (here). An unusual recording that includes tape interjections from John Fahey; this was intended to be a duo session and, much to Fucillo's surprise, that turned out to be the extent of Fahey's participation. I pretty much stand by the review and am pleased to report that the record stands the test of five years very well. Apparently (see here) it's sold out but it seems copies are somehow available (? not sure how that works). Well worth it for post-Fahey fans and post-Bailey guitar enthusiasts generally.

Now here's one that I'd entirely anticipate not liking a tenth as much as I did when originally purchased around '87. Have Dossier LPs ever been released on disc? Fulton leads a band with Rachel Sherman (I've no idea what she does here, no instrumental credits are listed), Elliott Sharp, Wayne Horvitz, Bobby Previte and David Hofstra. I think I knew Fulton mostly as a drummer with Sharp and this is certainly a drum-driven album. At times, it has a rawness that still rings true, the kind of primitivism Sharp achieved early on with his first Carbon bands in the early 90s. Other times, it falls prey to the slickness that often infected Horvitz projects from the time, without the redeeming aspect of those occasionally luscious melodies. But overall, no, I'm afraid it doesn't hold up at all. Anyone know what became of Fulton?

Future Shock - "It's Great" (BVHaast)

OK, call me cruel, but I can't help but quote the blurb on the back cover in full:

Future Shock creates a new sound in today's jazz music. This band succeeds in combining the strongest elements of various musical directions:

--the exciting rhythms of funk, latin and jazz
--the down-to-earth sound of a four horns section
--a swinging rhythm-machine, consisting of guitar, bass-guitar and drums
--a fully original repertoire which combines structured form and elaborate arrangements with soloistic performances by outstanding instrumentalists. All compositions are written by bandleader Maarten van Norden en [sic] co-leader Jan Kuiper.

Presently, 'Future Shock' is one of the groups the most in demand and widely acclaimed in Holland. This record shows you why!

Man. As if the LP title wasn't bad enough. So why do I have it? 'Cause it's Maarten van Norden, who was a monster tenor player with Breuker. I think this might have been his first return to record after the van accident he was in (the same one that killed Harry Miller) which, iirc, did serious damage to his jaw. Willem van Manen is on board as well, not that his own side project, Contraband, was ever more than a snooze. btw, not surprisingly, can't locate a cover image--pretty sure this was never discafied--but that's van Norden above; always a good looking fella.

The music? Tightly arranged? Yes. Soloistic? I suppose. Boring? In extremis.

On to the G's!!

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