Sunday, June 29, 2008

Olivier Capparos/Lionel Marchetti - Livre des Morts (entr'acte)

I'm not so sure how seriously to take the whole "Book of the Dead" thing, especially when you see the photo of Marchetti on the entr'acte site, but listened through as a series of quasi-cinematic episodes, there's a good amount to enjoy here. There's a bit of bombast--not surprising, given the subject--but much of it works well despite that, pretty solid soundscaping throughout.

David Papapostolou - One and Two (CDR)

Three solo pieces, acoustic guitar (often prepared) on each, soprano sax and cello overlaid on two of them. Quiet, considered, very naturally flowing. Papapostolou retains a reasonable amount of "traditional" sound from each but manages to do so without accreting conceptual baggage. An initial sensation of slightness grows more engrossing on each listen. Nice work indeed. David's blog

Daniel Jones/David Papapostolou - Leaving Room (Adjacent)

The first release on Papapostolou's Adjacent label finds him (mixing desk feedback, computer with pickup) joined by Daniel Jones (turntables, dulcimer, acoustic guitar). Less immediately approachable than the above but maybe even a little more satisfying. Again, excellent restraint; when things bubble to the surface, there seems to be a reason for it. Flutters, hums, clicks and scrapes, all laid out calmly with an ear for textural contrast and a fine sense of sequencing. Really good work, don't let it pass you by.


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